About FreeLight

FreeLight is a European Solar Photovoltaic specialist company boasting over two decades of experience in the Renewable Energy sector.

We specialize in both Battery-based systems and Grid-Connected systems. Our main markets being domestic, commercial, public sector and small-scale industrial.

Our aim is to bring real change at a local and regional level to the energy distribution system.

We work for clients to be able to live off-grid and be totally self-sufficient. We install for clients who have the grid but want to reduce their dependence and save on electricity costs. It’s all about bringing the best market-ready technologies to the final clients and ensuring successful operation.

Our motivation: We are driven by a strong sense of environmental responsibility, yet ultimately know that Renewable Energy will only ever take-off when it can compete on a level playing-field in the electricity market. PV is now at that stage and we are striving to make it happen.

Our international team is multi-lingual working in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

We have worked with the European Commission on many international projects with regional governments across the Union. Our main activities now are private PV installations focused in the southern Mediterranean/Atlantic corridor in Spain, Gibraltar and Portugal.

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