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PV Solar Panels - Algarve

The recent history of solar panels is one of the great success stories of Renewable Energy technologies. Photovoltaic Solar Panels are now a common sight all over the Algarve coming to be as important as the large MW wind turbines that provide up to a quarter of total electricity production in Spain and Portugal. No longer dependent on subsidies nor other public incentives, solar panels are now an investment opportunity in green energy for even the smallest of electricity consumers.

The recent history of PV panels is one of the great success stories.

Thanks to mass production and economies of scale, in the last decade PV solar panel prices have nose-dived by over 80%, with over a million solar panels are coming off the production line every day! Once being a luxury only available to the very few, they have become as

algarve solar panels

accessible as mobile phones to everyone. Types of solar panels have varied to. They have got bigger and more efficient. Although 12V panels are still available for the likes of caravans or boats, the industry now mostly work with panels over 250Wp in size, placed in long series connections to maximize efficiency and reduce cable sizes. These developments go hand-in-hand with the new MPPT inverters, becoming ever-more effective and efficient.

The solar maximums in the Algarve coincide with the need for air conditioning in the summer months which can greatly increase the load on the internal house circuits and possibly result in penalization from EDP contractual power limitations.

To use PV solar panels therefore perfectly complements your air conditioning consumption- you can cool your house for free.

Furthermore, the Algarve is in a perfect geographical location for solar panel installations, with over 300 sunny days per year, you really couldn’t ask for more.  All the conditions are now ripe for everyone with space or a roof to have their own solar panels producing their electricity needs. Wait no more and contact us for your part in the solar future.