Lithium battery

lithium battery

Batteries (Tesla, etc...)

The most recent hot topic which has sparked tremendous interest is without doubt that of the new Tesla batteries. Made famous by the Tesla Roadstar, Tesla has been marketing its Solar energy storage solutions the Powerwall and most recently the Powerwall2.

Despite the enormous interest, its arrival in the southern part of Europe remains elusive. The picture is somewhat blurry as to whether the Tesla solar products will ultimately be available in the Mediterranean market.

However, there are many other exciting options. As well as several copy-cat products, there are many other known brands that have invested heavily in the solar battery storage market and the products are starting to come online. To name but a few: BYD, LG Chem, SolarWatt, Pylontech, Victron.

Lithium-ion has arrived and is here to stay! The future of Energy Storage.

All have come up with viable solutions for Lithium-ion battery storage. Lithium-ion batteries offer significant advantages over traditional Lead-Acid technologies. They are lighter, have little or no voltage sag which means its full capacity can be pulled at all power ratings (negligible peukert exponent), and they have longer lives.

Lithium-ion battery banks are becoming less expensive, much more practical and are now suitable for Off-Grid applications. As for Grid-Connected systems (like the Tesla Powerwall), in our opinion the market-winners are still not fully clear. So we would urge patience in final choices of technology in order to be sure of buying the easiest, best plug-and-play solution.