Off-Grid (with Batteries)

Off-Grid (with batteries)

Off-Grid systems are different from grid-connected systems in that they need batteries in order to operate.

Off-Grid Systems include:

  • Solar PV panels,
  • Charge controller
  • Off-Grid Inverter
  • Battery storage system, either Lead Acid, Lithium Ion or other technology

The batteries store the energy from the sun when there is production surplus to electricity requirements and release the energy when there is insufficient solar radiation.

The parameters that control the charge/discharge and communication between the pieces of equipment are key. For this reason a high level of knowledge and expertise is required. However, when correctly sized and managed. These silent off-grid systems run like a dream.

Only a short time ago, living off-grid meant either reading your bedtime story under candlelight and washing your clothes down by the stream, or alternatively having a dirty noisy spluttering generator spewing out fumes just to use some of the basic electrical appliances that we all take for granted for modern living. This is no more the case. With technological progress in solar panels, inverters and batteries the possibility to live off-grid as conveniently as on-grid is now a reality.

The possibility to live off-grid as conveniently as on-grid is now a reality.

From the smallest independent systems for those who wish to live more frugally, to those of larger properties with swimming pools, air conditioning, home automation and all the mod-cons you can imagine. It’s simply a question of sizing up. FreeLight are experts with decades of experience in these kinds of systems. We work with the best known brands and our installation models have been tried and tested over many years. With hundreds of installations to our name, our track-record ensures that we provide only the best and most efficient solution for your needs.